Screw Propeller

In 1836, Francis Pettit Smith patented the screw propeller in the UK. This used the Archimedes screw principle – that a screw turned in water would push the fluid along the length of the spiral screw. Two years later, Isambard Kingdom Brunel produced his Great Western steamship, which journeyed from Bristol to New York. And in 1845, he designed the first large iron screw propeller ship, the Great Britain.

The second, is Sir Francis Pettit-Smith who was a native son and born at No. 31 The High Street in 1808. Sir Francis was the inventor of the ‘screw-propellor’ for ships, he took out the patent in 1836. He died in 1874 and is buried in the Churchyard beside the grave of his Grandson, Archimedes, who died at the age of seven.